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Genesis not getting N performance models

Hyundai's performance blitz won't reach its Genesis division. Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald told Australian website Motoring the brand has no plans to follow rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi into high-performance territory.   


Mazda to revamp U.S. dealer network

Mazda's American dealers are in for a makeover. Automotive News reports the company wants some of its dealers to move to new locations, and it wants to strengthen the training process they go through. Mazda stores across the nation will be getting a new look, too. The company hopes the update will help it achieve a two-percent market share.   


Next Mazda RX concept to debut in Tokyo

Mazda has confirmed plans to introduce the next RX-badged concept car next month at the Tokyo Auto Show. "With the Tokyo show we will be introducing a new design concept - you can think of it as an evolution of the theme of the RX Vision," said Mazda's vice president for R&D in Europe in an interview with Auto Express.   


Volkswagen in no rush to build electric commercial vans

Volkswagen's electrification plan doesn't place a big emphasis on battery-powered commercial vehicles. Tesla's electric semi truck will debut next month, but the Wolfsburg-based automaker is intentionally watching from the sidelines before committing to the segment.   


Ford, Mahindra join forces

Ford has teamed up with Indian automaker Mahindra to work jointly on product development and mobility programs. The agreement could expand to other areas of the automotive industry in the coming years.   


BMW bringing back CSL nameplate

BMW has confirmed plans to resurrect the heritage-laced CSL nameplate. "CSL will be the top-of-the-line track tool, made on the track for the track, just with a number plate," BMW M boss Frank Van Meel told Road & Track. The CSL designation will replace the GTS badge.   


Intel to power Waymo's self-driving tech, company says

Waymo is known for developing its self-driving technology in-house, however the company has revealed that processor giant Intel is providing much of the horsepower, TechCrunch reports. Intel isn't the only company in the tech sphere with its toes in the waters of autonomous driving; well-known graphics firm Nvidia has a much-publicized partnership with Volvo.


Flood-damaged cars pouring into former Texas World Speedway

Immediately after Hurricane Harvey, the former Texas Motor Speedway site was designated as a receiving area for flooded cars and trucks. Today, the property is quickly filling up with the four-wheeled detritus of one of America's most costly tropical storms, Jalopnik reports.


Kia's Proceed concept may become a production model

Kia's hot wagon concept from Frankfurt may become reality if public feedback is positive, company reps told CarBuzz.


F1: the rankings after Singapore

Mercedes-AMG's Lewis Hamilton secured his lead over Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel after the Singapore Grand Prix. He's in first with 263 points, while Vettel has earned just 235 points. AMG's Valtteri Bottas is in third with 212 points. Mercedes-AMG is also leading the constructor standings with 475 points. Ferrari and Red Bull are in second and third with 373 and 230, respectively.