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Tesla gets 25 additional semi orders

Canadian supermarket giant Loblaw has pre-ordered 25 examples of Tesla's first-ever semi. The retailer is committed to greatly reducing its fleet's carbon dioxide output by 2030.   


Ex-Schumacher Ferrari F1 car sells for $7.5 million

The Ferrari F2001 Michael Schumacher won the 2001 Formula One championship in just sold for $7.5 million. The figure far exceeds the $5.5 million pre-auction estimate, and makes the F2001 the most expensive modern F1 car ever sold. There's no word on whose collection the car ended up in.   


Toyota ends Prius v production for US

The Toyota Prius v won't return for the 2018 model year, and the nameplate's second generation won't be sold in the United States. "After six years and nearly 160,000 units sold in the United States, the decision was made to end Prius V production for the U.S. and Puerto Rico this December," a spokesperson told Green Car Reports.   


Porsche 911 hybrid could happen after all

Porsche's on-again, off-again hybrid 911 is back on track, according to insiders, and this time it's here to stay. Adding a battery and an electric motor to the emblematic sports car falls in line with the Volkswagen Group's electrification strategy. The hybrid will make its debut a few years into the eighth-generation model's production run, meaning it won't arrive until the early 2020s.   


Long-wheelbase Jaguar XE unveiled in China

Jaguar has introduced a long-wheelbase XE for the Chinese market. Its identical to the XE sold elsewhere except for a wheelbase that's four inches longer. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi all offer similarly-stretched variants of their compact sedans.   


Danica Patrick to retire after 2018 Indy 500

Danica Patrick will retire from auto racing after the 2018 Indianapolis 500, she announced Friday. According to ESPN, she plays to compete in both the Daytona and Indy 500s in 2018, but has no plans to race again after Indy.


First take: 2018 Kia Stinger GT

"In the strictest sense, the Stinger has no direct competitors. Nobody else offers this exact formula at this exact price. If there's nothing to compare it to, can it really lose? In some universe, that must be possible, because in the one we inhabit, it certainly feels like it won."


Lamborghini Huracan getting rear-wheel steering?

The Lamborghini Huracan could get rear-wheel steering as part of a mid-cycle update, according to Car & Driver. The magazine also speculates Lambo's smallest bull will receive a 48-volt electrical system. The updated Huracan will arrive in 2019.   


Dallara introduces Stradale road car

After designing race cars for decades, Dallara is branching out into the street-legal supercar segment for the first time. Its first car is named Stradale, Italian for "street version," and it uses a 400-horsepower supercharged four-cylinder engine. Pricing information hasn't been released yet.   


Next Ram 1500 getting split tailgate

Spy shots suggest the next-generation Ram 1500 will get a split tailgate that folds out instead of down. We'll learn more when the truck makes its debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show.